Whales, Surfing, Caves, Culture and Pyramids-the List Goes On and On in My Favorite Country of the World

Baja-Sea of Cortez

Weekend Along the Idyllic Waters of the Sea of Cortez


Expedition Into the Lacandon- the Largest Rainforest in Mexico-to Camp on an Island with a Buried Mayan Pyramid


Weekend Trip to the Narco Controlled Colonial Era Silver Boom/Bust Village of Batopilas at the Bottom of North America’s largest Canyon-Copper Canyon

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Diving

Cage Diving with the World’s Largest Great White Sharks Along the Remote Guadalupe Island 

Michoacán, Guanajuato & Mexico City

Monarch Butterfly Migration, Aztec Pyramids, San Miguel & the Miracle Church-Only Surviving Structure from a Volcano’s Eruption that Left a City Buried in Lava

Puebla and Tlaxcala States

A Weekend Trip at the World’s Largest Pyramid-Puebla and Tlaxcala States

San Luis Petosi Cave of the Swallows

Descending by Rope 1500 Feet Into the Dark Pit of One of the Worlds Largest Caves in One-Maybe the Most Terrifying Thing I have Ever Done


Narco-Tourism in the Jesus Malverde Shrine and Cartel cemetary-Jardines del Humaya in Culiacan


Cave Diving, Swimming with Whale Sharks, Sneaking into Mayan Pyramids and Magical Cenotes

Grey Whales in Baja

Petting Grey Whales in the Lagoons of Baja

Flying Across Baja

Piloting a Small Plane Across Baja, Mexico from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas

Teotihuacan Pyramids

The Most Impressive Pyramids in the America’s

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