West Africa


Meeting a Voodoo King with a Pet Lion, Joining a Funeral Procession for a Voodoo Priest in a Village Known to Practice Dark Magic and Feared by the Locals, and Exploring the Wild National Parks of the North of Benin Along the Dangerous Burkina Faso Border

Burkina Faso

Painted Villages and Friendly Crocodiles that Live Side by Side with Villagers in A Country of Kind Hearted People Torn by Conflict

Cabo Verde

Volcanic Hill top Villages of the Friendly Cabo Verde People and my final African country-54/54

Côte D'Ivoire

Tracking Chimpanzees in Tai National Park-the Largest Rainforest Left Standing in Côte D’Ivoire


Unexpected Country Stop for a Night Due to a Blown Airplane Tire in the Female Sex Tourist Hot Spot of the Gambia



Exploring Ghana’s Lesser Known Slave Castles and Visiting the Jamestown Boxing Gyms of Accra



Camping in the Guinean Highlands and Exploring Some of Africa’s Least Visited and Most Spectacular Scenery

Guinea Bissau

Exploring One of Africa’s Least Visited Countries During the Uncertainties of Presidential Election Time 


Surfing Empty Beaches in a Country Still Re-Building from Civil War in What Was the Only American Colony in Africa


Trekking into the Cliffside Villages of the Dogon in a Country Wracked by Conflict and Terrorism


A Visit to the Old Colonial Era Slaving Island-Gorée Island in Dakar

Sierra Leone

Searching for the Critically Endangered Pygmy Hippos in Tiwai Island While Trying to Avoid Corrupt Police


A Visit to the Remote Animistic Batammariba Villages of Northern Togo