East Europe


A few Bizarre Days in Minsk Meeting New Friends-Communicating Only Through Vodka-and Exploring the Freezing City in November



Exploring a Ruined Communist Era Building Resembling a Spaceship During a Snowstorm and Being Invited Into a Gypsy Village Before Having to Escape a Gang of Glue Sniffing Kids

Czech Republic

One Night in the Old City of Prague-Truly a Spellbinding City and Maybe the Most Beautiful City in Europe


Road trip from Budapest to Slovakia and Exploring an Abandoned 1800’s Era Fortress Used by Nazi and Soviet Troops 


The Least Visited Country in Europe


Visiting Europe’s Largest Old Growth Forest-Bialowieza


Transylvania’s Medieval Villages Surrounded by Forested Mountains Steeped in Legends of Werewolves/Vampires & Camping in the Ruins of Dracula’s Castle (Poenari Castle)


Tracking Siberian Tigers through the Snow in the Far East, Fending Off Grizzly Bears in Kamchatka, Living with Nenet Reindeer Herders in Teepee Like Structures in the Siberian Arctic and Traveling through the Seldom Visited Caucasus Mountains


Road Trip Across Hungary and Slovakia


Stepping Into the Soviet Past By Crossing Through the Break-Away Republic of Transnistria While Trying to Avoid being Robbed by the Border Guards


Visiting Ukraine at the Height of the War in the Eastern Region, Visiting the Abandoned Soviet Era Cities/Villages in the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl, and Organizing a Home Stay in a Village Outside of Chernobyl