January 2017: We are blessed to have Baja and its two wild rugged coastlines along the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez in our backyard, just south of where we live in San Diego. So, Paula and I try and visit a few times every year but most of the time we travel along the pacific Coast so this time we decided to travel along the Sea of Cortez since it was winter much warmer desert interior of the Sea of Cortez was mild and temperature was perfect. We set off in our car with a tent through Mexicali with no plan other than to drive at least halfway down the peninsula and camp along the way and eat lots of fish tacos.



Our general route

We tried driving down some of the desert interior roads, but the potholes were staggeringly large, and many roads were just in too poor condition, and I didn’t trust our old Honda CRV. But we did get to see some amazing desert cactus and the further south we drove the wilder the desert and more desolate the coastline became with fewer villages and development. This was what we came to Baja to find-peace and to get away from people.



Spring flower bloom in the desert

Sunset in the desert

We camped a few nights on beaches designated for camping usually with a small beach bar that served margaritas and great sea food.



Beach camping

One of our favorite stops, only possible during low tide was a hot spring on the ocean, where we had the colorful springs to ourselves to relax.


Paula at Hot Springs Aguas Termales

Paula at Hot Springs Aguas Termales

We drove as far south as Gonzaga bay before turning around. We stayed one night in Gonzaga and fell in love with the beach and the little dusty town of makeshift houses in a community that was a bend of retired Americans and Mexican fishing families.


Gonzaga Bay

Gonzaga Bay

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