Australia & Oceania


Working on the Movie, “The Thin Red Line,” and Backpacking Across the Outback

Easter Island

Exploring and Camping in the Caves of the Mysterious Island of the Moai Statues


Backpacking Around the Fiji Islands Before the Arrival of Mass Tourism, Kava Ceremonies with Village Chiefs, and Left Castaway on the Island Where Tom Hanks Filmed Castaway


Hiking the Most Beautiful Trail in the Pacific-Kalalau Trail Along the Napali Coast, Kauai


Staying in the Town of Betio, Where One of the Bloodiest battles of WWII Occurred

Marquesas Islands

An Isolated Island Archipelago of Extreme Beauty Steeped in Polynesian Traditions Located Far from the Nearest Continent

Marshall Islands

Visiting the Never Ending Idyllic Beaches of the Arno Atoll


Nauru-Island of Open Pit Guano Mining & Australian Refugee Detention Camps

New Zealand

Auckland and Exploring Wild Glow Worm Caves


Jellyfish lake, Kayaking and Solo Camping on the Rock Islands and Exploring Caves with Skeletal Remains from the WWII Battles on Peleliu Island

Papua New Guinea

Visiting the Idyllic Jungle Villages Around the Remote Jungle Outpost of Vanimo

Papua (Indonesia) Highlands

Trekking in the Dani and Yali Highlands Among the Tribes of Penis Gourded Men

Papua (Indonesia) Lowland Forests

Camping with the Treehouse People-Korowai of the Lowland Jungles of Papua

Solomon Islands

Wandering the World War II Battlefields of Guadalcanal Where I Died Playing an American Soldier in the Movie “The Thin Red Line”


Visit to One of My favorite National parks, an Island of Cute and Fluffy Creatures-Maria Island


Swimming with Humpback Whales, Sharks and Giant Rays in the Island Paradise of Moorea


Swimming with Humpback Whales in Eua Island and Getting to Know One of the Most Traditional South pacific island Nations


Tiny Island Paradise and the Least Visited Country in the World


Erupting Volcanoes, Running From Lava Bombs And Kastom Villages Where Traditions Are Still Strongly Upheld

Western Samoa

Island Hopping in Western Samoa in Upolu and Savai’i Islands


One of the Last Traditional Islands in Oceania with Giant Manta Rays, Stone Money, and Local Legends of a Magical Island of Ancestral Sorcerers Hidden Beneath the Sea