Central America


Relaxing at Cay Caulker Along the Largest Coral Reef of North America and Adventuring the Wild Mayan Caves Where Ceremonies of Human Sacrifice Occurred and Human Skeletons Are Still Found

Costa Rica

Backpacking the Oso Peninsula and Corcovado National Park-Simply One of the Best Places to Spot Wildlife in a Rainforest

El Salvador

Weekend of Surfing in El Salvador and Exploring with an El Salvadorian Family that Adopted Me During My Stay


Staying with a Peace Corps Friend in Zacapa, Exploring Mayan Pyramids in the Petén Jungle, and Indigenous Highland Villages and Camping on Top of Erupting Volcanos-Fuego and Pacaya


Navigating the Vast Road-less and Narco-Trafficker Ridden Rain-Forests of La Mosquitia


Humanitarian trip to Nicaragua During Sophomore Year of College and Exploring the Sandinista/Contra Revolution, Active Volcanoes and One of the World’s largest Islands-Ometeppe on One of the Largest Lakes by Motor Bike


There Are Few Places Left in the World that are as Wild as the Darien Gap-Where the Trans-American Highway Gives Way to the Steamy Lawless Rebel Infested Equatorial Jungles Separating the Panamanian and Columbian Borders 


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