Middle East


Bahrain and its Mysterious Dilmun Civilization Forts Dating Back Thousands of Years


Christmas in the Kurdish North, Staying with the Marsh Arabs in the Confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and Exploring the Ancient Sites of Central Iraq with My Iraqi Friend Bahaa

Israel & Palestine

Visiting One of the Most Magical and Conflicted Cities on Earth-Jerusalem


Petra, Haunted Desert Castles and the Desert of Lawrence Arabia and the Beduin-Wadi Rum


Putting a Face to the Country that I Watched Being Torn Apart by Invading Iraqi Tanks on CNN When I was a Kid


Visiting Hezbollah Mosques and Roman Ruins in the Baaka Valley While Being Shown Around this Amazing Country by the Lebanese Family of a Good Friend


Road Trip to Oman to Caves Haunted by Genies, Camping in Empty Deserts/Arabian Sea and Turquoise Green Wadis


Jet Skiing Out to a Desert Island in 110 Degrees Heat for the Best View of the Doha Skyline

Saudi Arabia

Entering the Kingdom as One of the First Foreigners to be Issued a Tourist Visa to Explore Desert Caves Only Known to Local Bedouin  



Seeing Syria-One of the Least Visited but Most Rewarding Places on Earth Before the War

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates-Wave Surfing in the Desert, Snow Skiing in Shopping Malls and Infinity Pools on Top of a 75 Story Building……………


One of the Most Interesting Countries I have Visited-Island Paradise of Socotra, Ancient Capitol of Sanaa, Mountain Top Villages of the Haraz Mountains and the Empty Quarter Deserts of Marib