Swimming with Southern Sting Rays on a Day Long Layover in Antigua


Road trip Around Barbados Once Home to George Washington & Camping at a 100-Year-Old Abandoned Lighthouse


Diving with Great Hammer Head and Bull Sharks in Bimini Island


Communist Cuba Under Fidel Castro-Homestay with Cuban Family, Visiting the Bay of Pigs Invasion Site, and Exploring the Wild Caves of Vinales


Swimming with Sperm Whales-World’s Largest Toothed Predator and Exploring Dominica’s Wealth of Natural Treasures 

Dominican Republic

Hiking and Diving the Wild Caves of the Scrub Forests in Cotubanamá National Park


Swimming with Wild Manatees


Exploring Communist Revolutions & an American Military Invasion in the Small Island Paradise of Grenada


Dodging Daggers at a Haitian Voodoo Ritual


Jamaica Outside of the All Inclusive Resorts-Driving Around the Island Visiting Waterfalls, Villages, Caves and the Lesser Known Places


Visiting the Pompeii of the Caribbean-Exclusion Zone Where a Volcano Destroyed the Capitol City of Plymouth

Saint Lucia

A Day of Canyoneering, Rock Climbing and Rappelling Waterfalls in the Holy Grail Canyon, Saint Lucia

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visiting my last country and my daughters first

Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Climbing One of the Most Active Volcanoes in the Caribbean, La Soufrière in Saint Vincent & Grenadines

Trinidad & Tobago

Discovering the Home of the Caribbean Sound of the Steel Drum in a Trinidad Pan Yard