Central Asia


Exploring the Wakhan Valley by Yak, Buddhist caves of Bamiyan, Minaret of Jam and the South Under the Taliban


“Axis of Evil”-Not At All, Instead Iran Welcomed Me with Kindness and Open Arms.    


Across the Steppe to Almaty, Astana and the Soviet nuclear testing grounds of the radiactive polygon


Being Brought Back to Life by a Family of Nomads in a Yurt After a Terrible Bout of Food Sickness and Exploring Abandoned Silk Road Caravanserais


Crossing the Pamir Highway to the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan and Exploring the Emerald Green Lakes of the Fan Mountains



Learning about the Cult of Personalities Surrounding the Presidents of Turkmenistan’s and Camping Next to the So Called Doorway to Hell-Darvaza Gas Crater


I’ll Never Forget Waking Up Early and Walking Among the Ancient Silk Road Cities of Bukhara and Samarkand During the Sunrise.