South America & Antarctica


Crossing the Violent Seas of the Drake Passage to Visit the World’s Last True Wilderness, An Icy Paradise Where Penguins, Seals and Whales Have No Fear of Humans


Endless Patagonia Steppes and Walking Along the Ice Caves, Crevices and Emerald Pools of a Glacier


Traveling Across the High Andean Mountains to see the Uyuni Salt Flats, Geyser Fields, and Unique Incan Cultures


An Expedition Into the Amazon Rainforest Deep into Yanomami Indian Country to Climb the Tallest Mountain in Brazil 


Penguins Along the Shores of the Atacama Desert-the Driest Desert on Earth, the Wilds of Patagonia and Cave Camping Amongst the Mysterious Stone Heads of Easter Island


Hiking to the Paramilitary Controlled Ancient Lost City, Visiting Cocaine Labs in the Jungle, Meeting the Brother of Pablo Escobar and Marching through the Swamps of Los Llanos Searching for Anacondas  


Expedition to Tayos Cave, Tracking Wild Galapagos Tortoises, Shark Diving in the Galapagos Islands and Staying with the Huaorani Indians in the Amazon Jungle of Yasuni National Park 


French Guiana

A Visit to the French Territory of French Guiana and the Prison that Kept Papillon


Falkland Islands

A Week in the British Islands with Penguins, Sheep, Sea Lions and Battlefields



Venturing Deep Into the Amazonian Wilderness of Guyana Up the Rewa River In Search of Anacondas and All other Jungle Creatures


Paraguay- the Emptiness in Between the Places Tourists Visit-a Trip to the Pantanal 


A Week in the Amazonian Manu National Park, Trekking in the Andes and Staying in Quechhua Indian Villages


Suriname-New Year Adventures in the Only Dutch Speaking Country of South America


Visiting My Last South American Country, Uruguay by Crossing by Ferry from Buenos Aires to the Spanish Colonial town of Colonia de Sacramenta


Camping on Deserted Islands in the Los Roques Islands and Swimming Under the World’s Tallest Waterfall in an Amazonian Lost World