My Name is Matthew Allison

I have a full-time job, but I live to travel and photograph the world. I’ve been exploring the planet for over 29 years! Welcome to my travel website. This is where I share stories, useful travel tips, videos, photography, and adventures from my travels around the world.


Through out my years of traveling, I’ve been fortunate to have had many amazing adventures.  My canoe was capsized by a hippo in the Zambezi River, I was charged by a silverback gorilla in the Congo Rainforest and when backpacking in Australia I stumbled upon a job working as an extra, where I ended up somehow in a brief dying scene in the World War II movie, “The Thin Red Line.” These are just a few notable adventures of mine.


I am not sure exactly what inspired me to travel the world, however as I kid, I was always intrigued by other countries. My earliest memory of being fascinated with the world was when I was in first grade. I remember staring at a globe in class and spinning it to see what foreign land would land beneath my finger. After each spin of the globe, I would stare at whatever place my finger landed on and try to imagine how the people there lived and how the cities and landscapes appeared.


It was at 18-years of age that I decided I was going to see the world and so I set off on my first international journey to China to study Chinese for a few months. It was in China that I fell in love with travel. Between the ages of 18 and 46, I have been blessed to have traveled to all of the  197 U.N. countries of the world, all while graduating from college with a four-year degree, obtaining a multi-engine commercial aviation license and while working full time.


I have been driven by the curiosity to visit all of the corners of the world regardless of what country they are in or how many times I may need to return to a country to visit a new part of that country that interests me.  I tend to be more fascinated with the lesser known obscure corners of the planet such as the Amazon, Congo, Papua, North Korea, and etc. These are the places that really excite me the most. The following poem by Jorge Sánchez really sums up why I love to travel.

Accomplishments in the World of Travel

My travels have led me to meet many likeminded people and I have been fortunate enough to be accepted as a member and a regular presenter at the Travelers Century Club, where the world’s most traveled people convene to share travel stories. My greatest honor however was to become a member of the Adventurer’s Club of Los Angelos-an offshoot of the Explorer’s Club that was founded by Teddy Roosvelt 100 years ago. This elite group of gentlemen are some of the most interesting and daring on the planet. Each member is dedicated to a life of high adventure and to become a member among Teddy Roosvelt, great World War II naval commanders, astronauts and other titans of adventure is truly one of my greatest achievements. The photo to the left is of me and my wife in a black-tie event at a Los Angelos Adventurer’s Club meeting. 


Blessed be they who never travel and they who scarcely feel any longing to get to know far away countries – for they may enjoy a calm life and one full of delight.
Blessed also are they who take short trips to far-flung parts of the planet during their holidays 
for they will derive enriching education and most enjoyable experiences.
But woe to those who dare to set forth on the Route of the True Traveller! This will not leave them with a single moment of mental peace and it will remove them from all other worldly interests; they will strive in vain to satisfy an insatiable craving for more travel and they will never believe that they have traveled enough.
All that awaits these nomadic souls is a permanent restlessness and an unceasing anxiety to learn about every corner of the earth, 
about the natural history of the beings that inhabit it and to assess the meaning of their own existence.