North Africa


Vast Ruined Roman Cities and Mysterious Desert Fortresses of Ksar Draa, Hidden Amid the Saharan Sands


Exploring the Wild and Amazing Ennedi Region of Northern Chad’s Sahara Desert


Egypt and its Ancient Mysteries Will Always Capture My Imagination-(Sinai and Egypt Proper)


Visiting Libya Under Muammar Gaddafi, Climbing Mountains Haunted by Evil Genies, Traveling Across the Magical Saharan Desert and Having an Entire Ruined Roman City to Myself



Great Iron Ore Train Journey Across the Sahara-A 17 Hour Long  Ride through the Desolate Roadless Sahara Desert While Sleeping on a Pile of Iron Ore Rocks


Driving from the Sahara across the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech, Dodging Swindlers, Aggressive Snake Charmers and Pick Pocketers 


Traveling Through 120 degree Heat with a Military Escort to Attend a Gerewol Festival of the Wodaabe Tribe-Where Men Dress as Women in Order to Attract Women


Camping Among the Lesser Known Nubian Pyramids in the Country of Sudan Where You Are More Likely to Encounter a Desert Nomad than another Tourist

South Sudan

Camping with the Mighty Warrior Tribe of the Mundari People in One of the World’s Most Dangerous Countries


Gladiator Arenas and Serene Mediterranean Villas

Western Sahara

Crossing the Conflicted Deserts of One of Africa’s Oldest Rebellions