Central Africa


Amazing Tribes, Shipwrecked Beaches and a Country that is Still Mostly Unexplored by Tourism


The World’s Poorest Country of Burundi has Risen from the Ashes of Civil War to Become a Travelers favorite. It was Definitely One of My Favorites.


Traveling Overland via Public Transport in Search of the Great Central African Jungles to Discover a Treasure Trove of Wildlife in Lobeke National Park & Being Charged by a Silverback Gorilla

Central African Republic (CAR)

Being the First Foreigners to Visit an Isolated Village in the Congo Rainforest Along the Sangha River & Visiting Bangui-a City on Edge After Numerous Attempts by Rebels to Overthrow the Government

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Sleeping on the Rim of a Lava Lake at 11,000 ‘ in One of the World’s Most Dangerous National Parks-Virunga and Camping with the Mbuti Pygmy Tribe in the Ituri Forest  

Republic of Congo

Tracking the Dinosaur Mokele-Mbembe in the Remote Jungles of Lac Tele & An All Day Round Trip Journey Down the Sangha River from Cameroon to Nouabalé-Ndoki Only to Be Told the Park is Full


Equatorial Guinea

Camping for a Week with Scientists Studying Primates and Giant Leatherback Sea Turtles on Bioko Island’s Wild Southern Coast


Backpacking in the Wildlife Rich Congo Rainforest and Spending Thanksgiving with a Catholic Priest in an Remote 100 Year Old Catholic Mission


Visiting the Ancient and Culturally Rich Northern Emirates of Nigeria as the Guest of a Nigerian Prince & Witnessing the Grand Displays of the Durbars for the Emirs


Tracking Wild Chimpanzees in the Jungle and Remembering the Genocide

Sao Tome

A Portuguese Speaking Island Paradise in the Gulf of Guinea of Rainforests, Bizarre Volcanic Rock Formations and Decaying Plantation Buildings 


Tracking Mountain Gorilla’s, Adventures Into the Fabled Mountains of the Moon and Queen Elizabeth National Park