South Asia


Searching for the Man Eating Tigers of the Sundarbans, the Worlds Largest Mangrove Forest, and Meeting the Amazing Cultures that Live with Them and Eke Out an Existence in This Wild Place


Trekking Deep into Mountains of the Isolated Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan to Visit the Layap People, Who Wear Buddhist Stupa Shaped Hats and Live in Houses adorned with Painted Dancing Penises 


3 Months of Trekking in the Himalayan Kingdoms of Zanskar and Ladakh, Tracking Tigers in Rajasthan and Orissa, Walking Safaris Among Wild Elephants in the Jungles of the Western Ghats, and Searching for the Tribes of the Picturesque and Remote Andaman Islands 


Venturing Away from the Tourist Islands and Taking an Overnight Public Ferry to the Local’s Island-Thoddu Island


Trekking in the Desolate Buddhist Kingdom of Mustang, Being Chased by a Rhino Around the Jungles of the Terai in Chitwan National Park and Observing Sacred Hindu Cremations in Katmandu



The Wildest Mountains of the World-Karakorum’s, Kalash Tribal Villages and the Deserts and Nomads of the Southeast

Sri Lanka

Discovering Sri Lanka’s Wild Elephants and Rainforests Teeming with Reptiles

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