Southern Africa


Wilderness Camping Among the Black Maned Lions of the Central Kalahari Desert Reserve and the Okavango Delta

Comoros Islands

Climbing Volcano Karthala on the Indian Ocean Island Nation of the Comoros


Visiting the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho


Trekking Through the Spiny Deserts, Savannahs and Rainforest of Madagascar to See the Most Amazing and Adorable Animals Found Anywhere on the Planet


Stunning Island Gem in the Indian Ocean with Its Tahiti Like Peaks Overlooking Coral Atolls


Trying to Escape the Cpvod Variant Omicon and the Impending Doom that Followed It


Etosha National Park, the Desolation of the Skeleton Coast & Camping with the Himba Tribe in the Deserts of Northern Kaokoland

South Africa

Cage Diving with Great White Sharks and a Self Driving Safari Among Lions, Elephants and Rhinos in Kruger National Park


Visiting Africa’s Last Monarchy and Squeezing through the Smallest Cave Tunnels I Have Ever Visited in My Travels-Gobholo Cave



White Water Rafting in the Category Five Rapids of the Zambezi River Beneath the Worlds Longest Waterfalls-Victoria Falls


Canoe Safari Down the Zambezi River and Being Capsized by a Hippo in My Canoe in One of My Closest Encounters with Death