January 2009:  Teotihuacan is an easy day trip from the Mexico City airport and on a 10-hour layover to Tijuana from Panama via Mexico City, I decided to take a combination of metro and public bus from the airport to Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan is easily the most impressive pyramid complex in the Americas. It was built sometime around 100AD and flourished until the 7th century AD. Then it mysteriously vanished by the time the Aztec Empire formed. It is an incredible day trip from the airport and the massive pyramids can be climbed, which make them unique compared to others comparable to their size. During my visit there were no hot air balloon rides, and the complex seemed oddly non-commercialized for its potential. It was exactly what I wanted. I was free to roam around unmolested and climb as I willed. There are no tunnels into the interior of the pyramids, at least none open to the public. At the top, a cluster of new age visitors waited to sit in the exact center of the largest pyramid to meditate and absorb what they believed was the energy of the pyramid. Some of these visitors were clearly foreigners and wearing white tunics and on occasion this group even performs this act in the nude. 


View of huge complex Teotihuacan 


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