2012/2018: I visited iceland on two separate occasions for a total of 4 days. The first trip in 2012 was via an adventure boat from greenland. Iceland was my disembarking point and I took advantage of this to hire a car with a few friends from the boat and explore some of the island. The 2nd trip was enroute to the Faroe islands, when I agan rented a car and explored iceland. 



My travel route

1st Trip September 2012

Day 1

Visit Latrabjarg Cliffs, sleep in expedition ship in Reykjavik

Day 2

Hire car and drive to Reykjanes Peninsula and explore lakes, hot springs, geysers, blue lagoon, depart airport


2nd Trip May 2018

Day 1

Hire car visit Reykjavik, drive to Reykjanes Peninsula and explore lakes, hot springs, geysers, hike Krysuvikurbjarg lava cliffs, sleep in car

Day 2

Drive to geyser, Gullfoss Falls, Kerio volcanic crater, depart airport in afternoon



Iceberg off the side of the boat on the trip from Greenland to Iceland

Bow of my boat before the Latrabjarg Cliffs

Latrabjarg Cliffs

Volcanic scenery along the Reykjanes Peninsula

Blue lagoon

Otherwordly scenery of Reykjanes Peninsula

Otherwordly scenery of Reykjanes Peninsula/hot springs

Otherwordly scenery of Reykjanes Peninsula/Lake

Reykjavik cathedral with Giant Statue of Viking Founder, Leif Erickson

Krysuvikurbjarg lava cliffs

Krysuvikurbjarg lava cliffs Lighthouse

Gullfoss Falls

Me at the edge of Gullfoss Falls

Frank at Gullfoss Falls


Famous geysir

Kerio volcanic crater

I don’t think I have given iceland a fair shake with the few days I have spent there. Iceland has a lot to offer to the adventerous traveler and I will definitely be back to explore its wild eastern half to see more of its volcanes, ice caves and hiking scenery. 


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