Travels Through Old Arabia Into the Mountain Top Stone Villages of the Haraz Mountains , One of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities of the World-Sanaa and Camping with the Bedouin in the World’s largest Sand Sea- Rub’ Al Khali-Empty Quarter 

Yemen Travel Itinerary November 2007

Day 1
Depart Dubai@9:00pm via Yemenia Airlines#863. Arrive Saana(SAH)@10:50pm. Taj Talha Hotel, Talha Street, Old Saana

Day 2
Visit Saana soque. Arrange travel permits. Taxi to Haraz Mountains.
Al-Hajjarah or Al-Manakhah,The Haggara Tourist Hotel, the only one in Al-Hajjarah.

Day 3
Haraz Mtns trek overnight in mountains.Al Hajjara to Hodeidah. Travel the east-west road from Kawkaban
to the Tehama coastal plain just west of Al-Mahwit. Overnight in Kawkaban 

Day 4
Depart to Marib and camp in Empty Quarter with Bedouin 

Day 5
Al Mahwit enroute to Saana. On the way visit to Saana, visit Amran Old city – Thula – hababah (& go up the
plateau above it), Kawkaban , walk down to Shibam, be picked up there and return to Sanaá, Beit Baws, Afternoon, evening in Saana.

Day 6
Depart Saana @2:40am via Yemenia Air