November 2020: After my Kilimanjaro climb was over, my friends and I stayed in Zanzibar Island for two nights of rest and relaxation at the Zuri 5 Star hotel on a white sand beach. Zanzibar is a large semi-autonomous tropical paradise island that is part of Tanzania with pure white sand beaches off of the coast of Tanzania. Tanzania does receive a lot of tourists, but it does so for a reason and has spectacular scenery, architecture and friendly people.

The highlight was visiting Fukuchani Cave, and swimming in its clear waters. The main pool of the cave was lit by sun light but off to the sides the cave extended onwards into darkness. I didn’t have a light and tried to swim as far into the darkness as I could but there were too many sharp rocks. One of the local guides mentioned that approx. 50 feet to the back of one of the dark chambers is the remains of a calcified noose that was used by the Portuguese to punish and execute slaves.

Our route in Zanzibar

Another highlight was drinking rum in the warm ocean waters while watching dhow boats float by on the horizon, fake Maasai Tribesmen soliciting foreign tourists on the beach for paid photos or sex from foreign middle-aged women, which evidently these women many of them, come to Zanzibar to find. This was actually the perfect level of relaxation after the hard Kilimanjaro climb. I also absolutely loved the lushness of Zanzibar Island. The verdant natural vegetation, and gigantic slugs that were bountiful all over my hotel grounds were amazing to see.


Beach at our hotel

Tradtional dhow fishing boat off the coast

The patio in a lush jungle of my beach bungalow

Fist sized giant snails that I woke up to in the morning all over the jungle trails of my hotel grounds

Fukuchani Cave-swimming in its clear waters

Ruined Portuguese buildings from colonial times at Fukuchani Cave

Friendly school kids that were embarrased by our attention

School children

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