Southern Tribal Areas

Meeting the Many Tribes of Southwestern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley and Lake Turkana Regions

Southern Tribal Travel Itinerary November 2007


Day 1
Depart Lalibela to Addis. Depart on rented vehicle to Arba Minch or as close to Arba Minch as we can in a day of driving.505kms Addis-Arbaminch, stay in hotel.

Day 2
Arba Minch-Konso Chencha-Dorze Village and Market Dorze on Monday)-Arbaminch, visit 40 springs halfway between Sikela and Shecha. Visit Nechisar National Park. Camp at Kulfo River south of park headquarters.

Day 3
Konso-Omo Valley-Jinka, Jinka Hotel

Day 4
Omo Valley, Full day Mursi in Mago National Park, Sleep in Jinka hotel

Day 5
Omo Valley Key Afer Market and drive to Turmi, camp in near Turmi

Day 6
Omo Valley Murulle for Karo and Galab village-cross Omo River, drive to Kenya, Lake Turkana and visit Turkana tribes, drive to Turmi and stay in hotel

Day 7
Jinka to Arba Minch-Dimeka Market and back to Arbaminch, hotel

Day 8
Visit Lake Chamo, Arba Minch to Addis Abbaba, Depart Addis Ababa via Ethiopian Airlines.