Solomon Islands

Wandering the World War II Battlefields of Guadalcanal Where I Died Playing an American Soldier in the Movie “The Thin Red Line”


Guadalcanal Travel Itinerary May 2011


Day 1
Depart Solomon Airlines from Nadi at 0820 arriving Honiara at 1020am
Travel with Elijah by pick-up truck to village. Hike to kastom village 1 & 1/2 hours
Trek 2 hours/return to Tenaru Falls.
Camp at Tenaru Falls Village

Day 2
Travel to Barana Village/Gifu, Mt. Austen with Samson Hoasi.
Visit WWII caves, and waterfalls.
Overnight in Barana Village

Day 3
Bonegi Beach (snorkel and hike) WWII shipwrecks and airplanes.
Camp Bonegi Beach

Day 4
Bonegi beach
Bloody Ridge
Depart Honiara to Vanautu Port Vila 1310 arriving 1500 Vanuatu Air