There Are Few Places Left in the World that are as Wild as the Darien Gap-Where the Trans-American Highway Gives Way to the Steamy Lawless Rebel Infested Equatorial Jungles Separating the Panamanian and Columbian Borders 

Panama Travel Itinerary


1st Trip May 2006

Depart Caracas to Panama
Pick up at Airport by taxi and travel to Panama Canal Miraflores Locks and have lunch in Old Panama City then return to airport. -Depart Panama to Cartagena, Colombia


2nd Trip December/January 2008/2009

Day 1
Arrive late Panama City, meet brother
Hotel Zuly’s Hotel

Day 2
Bus to Metiti, Meet policeman friend on a bus and accompany him to la Palma by boat. Boat to indian village, stay in village at the house of the police man.

Day 3
Visit village, travel by private boat up Sambu River to Purto Indio Village, explore jungles, observe wildlife and visit local Indian villages, after being detained by local army because of FARC presence in area, depart in evening in an illegal motor boat with chief of Indian village and travel down Sambu River to a remote Indian Village, Spend New Years Eve in village house.

Day 4
Depart by canoe from Indian Village and hitch hike down Sambu River via passing cargo ship to La Palma, catch ferry and travel to Yaviza, hire boat with backpackers and travel to El Real, Spend night in guesthouse.

Day 5
Travel up River Tuira, visit Indian Villages along way, pass army checkpoints, stay in Boca De Cupe, army will not let us go any further due dangers of communist rebels in area. 

Day 6
Travel back down river, visit Indian Villages, hike on local trail that goes across darien through jungle with Indian guide, observe wildlife. Return by boat to Yaviza, catch bus to Metiti, local hotel.

Day 7
Local bus to Panama City, meet Evan, spend night in Panama City. 

Day 8
Depart early morning.