Sultanate of Oman

Road Trip to Oman to Caves Haunted by Genies, Camping in Empty Deserts/Arabian Sea and Turquoise Green Wadis

Oman Travel Itinerary November 2013


Day 1
Depart to Oman early morning from Dubai
Cross Hatta Oman border on E11 
Meet in Muscat with Cave Climbing agency and practice combing on climbing wall, Hotel Muscat Radisson

Day 2
Visit Yemen embassy to obtain visa, visit Sultan’s Palace, Muscat, Hotel Muscat Radisson

Day 3
Drive to Selma Plateu to cave of Genies entrance, visit Bimah Sinkhole, camp on Arabian Sea near Sur

Day 4
Visit Wadi Shab, Keyhole cave at end of trek (waterfall in cave that you can jump through into pool), Wahiba Desert, camp in desert

Day 5
Visit sea turtle nesting beach, Omani fortress, Hotel Ras Al Jinz

Day 6
Drive to United Arab Emirates, visit Omani villages along the way


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