Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Africa’s Highest Peak-Mt. Kilimanjaro and Having the Lions of Tangerine National Park to Ourselves

Kilimanjaro Travel Itinerary November 2020


Day 1

Arrive Kilimanjaro 12pm from Addis, transfer to Tangerine National Park, Tangerine Safari Lodge

Day 2 

Safari-Tangerine National Park, Tangerine Safari Lodge

Day 3

Morning safari, drive to Arusha, legendary Lodge

Day 4

Day at leisure, afternoon meeting with guide and Climbs Manager for a briefing on what to expect while on the mountain, overnight @ Legendary Lodge

Day 5

After breakfast, transfer to Moshe (~3.5 hours), At the gate your crew finalize packing.  Afterwards return to your vehicle and drive another 30 minutes to the beginning of the Lemosho trail, Your hike today is through verdant Afromontane forest and is steep in places, Picnic lunch on the trail during the hike before reaching Forest Camp for the night, START: 6890 -8695 Ft

 Day 6

From the forested slopes of Lemosho you ascend through Podocarpus and Juniper forest and break out of the forest onto the heath zone and the Shira Plateau, Hot Lunch at Shira 1 Camp, Afternoon spent relaxing and acclimatizing, START: 8695 Ft-END: 11844 Ft

Day 7

Crossing the Shira plateau can be one of the most scenic parts of the trip and this morning you will hike for around 4-5 hours to Moir Camp, where you will enjoy lunch, The afternoon is spent acclimatizing and if you have the energy in the late afternoon, a hike up to a viewpoint, START: 11844 Ft-END: 13780 Ft

Day 8

From Moir, traverse across the slopes of Kibo.  Here there is little flora or fauna due to the extreme temperature ranges and conditions, Today is a ‘walk high sleep low’ day.  Ascend into alpine desert to Lava Tower where you will have lunch before descending to Barranco Camp, This is a long day but the next time you head to this altitude is in 2 days at base camp – a great acclimatization day!, START: 13780 Ft-END: 12796 Ft

Day 9

From Barranco Camp, famous for its giant groundsels (cactus looking tree), you ascent the Barranco Wall and hike glacial valleys to Karanga Camp, Today is a relatively short hike and you will have lunch at Karanga Camp, The afternoon is spent relaxing and acclimatizing, In the evening a practice walk for the summit is taken to make sure you are comfortable in the kit you will summit in, START: 12796 Ft-END: 13108 Ft

 Day 10  

Today is another half day ascending to Kosovo Camp, Once again lunch will be in camp allowing plenty of time to relax before the summit bid, Desolate alpine desert and at times strong winds rip over this camp; yet in the evening there are amazing views of Mawenzi, Enjoy a relatively early dinner before heading to rest for the rest of the evening,-START: 13108 Ft-END: 15332 Ft

Day 11

Most people depart just before midnight for the final summit bid, Patience and persistence are the name of the game to reach the summit and by dawn as the first rays of light start to appear, most arrive near the rim, Ascending via Stella Point affords a relatively short final section to Uhuru Peak, the Roof of Africa!, What goes up must come down however; the first stage is to get back to base camp for a quick change of clothes and refuel before the long hike downhill to Millennium Camp, The downhill is hard on the knees and walking poles at this stage are highly recommended, You should reach Millennium Camp before dusk for your final night on the mountain, START: 15332 Ft-END: 10171 Ft

Day 12

After breakfast, descend once again through Afromontane forest, 1230 PM, you will say farewell to your crew and Transfer to hotel in Arusha (approx. 3.5 hours) START: 10171 Ft-END: 5381 Ft, Overnight @ Legendary Lodge  

Day 13

Afternoon flight to Zanzibar