Michoacán, Guanajuato & Mexico City

Monarch Butterfly Migration, Aztec Pyramids, San Miguel & the Miracle Church-Only Surviving Structure from a Volcano’s Eruption that Left a City Buried in Lava

Central Mexico Travel Itinerary December 2019


Day 1

Depart Tijuana to Leon  Pick-up rental car and drive 4-5 hours to old San Juan Parangaricutiro to see the ruins of a church that is all that remains of the town after a volcanic eruption.  Spend night in old city of Uruapan.

Day 2

Visit Aztec pyramids of Tingambato Visit, visit monarch butterfly reserve in mountains, stay in Angangueo old city

Day 3

Visit monarch reserve, drive to San Miguel de Allende, colonial hotel

Day 4

Drive to Leon, depart afternoon