Being Brought Back to Life by a Family of Nomads in a Yurt After a Terrible Bout of Food Sickness and Exploring Abandoned Silk Road Caravanserais

Kyrgyzstan Travel Itinerary May 2012


Day 1
Arrive Bishkek from Tashkent in afternoon
Meet Slava/Driver 
Bishkek Overnight in Hotel Alpinist

Day 2
Depart early in the morning 250km drive
Night in the yurt with family in the mountains outside of Kochkor village

Day 3
Visit Kirghiz family
Depart to Tash Naryn, Silk Road caravanserai (4 hours driving)
Night in yurt camp

Day 4
Visit Tash Rabat
Hiking in mountains
Yurt camp

Day 5
Return to Bishkek
Visit Kirghiz families in high mountain pastor yurt camps.
Night Bishkek with Slava’s family

Day 6
Transfer to Almaty, Kazakhstan by bus early morning