Kingdom of Jordan

Petra, Haunted Desert Castles and the Desert of Lawrence Arabia and the Beduin-Wadi Rum



Jordan Travel Itinerary March 2005


Day 1

Arrive Amman 10pm
Meet Driver/Private transport to Syrian border/Damascus/Palmyra/Damascus

Day 2

Return from Syria after spending three days there and spending night in Amman

Day 3

Transfer to Israel across King Hussein bridge

Day 4

Return after a few days in Israel-transfer to Petra via Dead Sea, crusader castles, Mt Nebo, Petra night visit and stay in hotel

Day 5

Explore Petra, transfer to Wadi Rum, stay in beduin tent

Day 6

Explore Wadi Rum, transfer to Aqaba-diving, hotel Aqaba

Day 7

Return to Amman, visit crusader castles and desert castles of north east Jordan

Depart Amman at night