Road Trip Across the South of Ireland

Ireland Travel Itinerary January 2007


Day 1
Arrive Dublin@11:05am
Drive to Kilkenny. Driving time-1 hour 35 minutes, 84 miles
Check in at castle after 5pm.
Visit Dunmore Cave, which hosts stalagtites, and stalagmites and was the location of a massacre of Irish villagers by barbaric viking hordes in the middle ages. 
Eat traditional Irish dinner in mideavil dining hall in Castle.
Visit Kilkenny pubs
Stay overnight in Foulksrath castle and commune with the smelly ghost.

Day 2
Drive through Cashel and visit the Rock of Cashel(One of the most famous Irish landmarks. The rock is the entrance to a castle on the hilltop).
Drive to Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone in Cork. Driving distance-91 miles and 1 hour and 52 minutes.
Drive to Dingle peninsula on the Atlantic coast. Driving time-3 hours, distance-97 miles
Spend the night in Lovetts gues house in Dingle, a small Irish fishing village on the Atlantic Ocean.
Visit local pubs

Day 3
Visit Dingle peninsula’s west side in the Gaeltacht area. This areas has the greatest concentration of ancient saites in Ireland along the roadside which hugs the mountanous coastline. Drive along HY 559 Slea Head Drive.
Visit the prehistoric Dunberg Fort, with an underground passage, perched on a cliff top. This is located 7km south of Ventry.
Visit the village of Dunquin.
Drive to Dublin. Driving time-5 hours, distance-214 miles 
Accomodation: Ashfield House Hostel. 

Day 4
Sleep in and eat breakfast. Explore downtown Dublin on self guided tour. 
Depart Dublin@1:30pm via Air Lingus