Komodo and Flores Islands

Hiring a Skiff to See the Giant Dragons of Komodo Island and Walking Through a Snake Cave in Waist High Bat Excrement in Search of Reticulated Pythons 

Papuan Highlands

An Adventure Over the Remote Papuan Mountain Jungles Into the Rarely Visited Villages of the Last Penis Gourded Tribes-Dani, Lani and Yali

Lowland Jungles of Papua

Trekking into the Hot and Steamy Jungles of the Korowai Tribe-People of the Trees


Tracking Wild Tigers and Orangutans with a Live Goat as Bait-But in the End the Goat Became Our Friend


A Couple Days with the Bali Reptile Rescue Team Rescuing and Relocating King Cobras & Other Snakes