Navigating the Vast Road-less and Narco-Trafficker Ridden Rain-Forests of La Mosquitia

Honduras Travel Itinerary


1st Visit June 2000

Day 1/2
Cross Guatemala border to Copan, Stay in village near Copan and ride horses to Copan Mayan Ruins. 

2nd Visit February 2014

Day 1/2
San to La Ceiba, Honduras
Hotel Partenon on the Beach

Day 3
La Ceiba to Tocoa 5:30 AM bus at entrance to La Ceiba (coming from Tela) across Santa Marta gas station (170 lempiras). This was the earliest bus departing.
Arrive Tocoa at market place and catch 4×4 truck, paila, to Batalla (300 lempiras/on top). Sitting on top is 22 cheaper than inside but a lot more dangerous.
Taxi boat to Madre Sola/Nueva Jerusalen(200 lempiras). *I initially wanted to stay at a well know eco-guest house in Raista, however the boatman informed me it is gone and the town is not taking visitors. I was told that narco-trafficantes burned the guest house down in recent months and sadly murdered the family that was operating it. 

Day 4
Pipante to Las Marias (3500) 6 hours up river
Stay in Las Marias/-Stay Hospedaje Diane Las Marias.
Organize trek(for three days/two nights including the pipante, three guides)required) the total climb up Pico Dama cost 120$.This is a set cost and is per group. Food was separate and must be bought in the local tienda.

Day 5
Buy food for trek
Travel by Pipante upriver 3 hours
Trek 5 hours
Stay in shelter(bring an inflatable mattress as there is nothing but a board).

Day 6
Climb up Pico Dama. You can climb right to the base of the rock pinnacle at the top of the mountain and the last 100 or so feet requires rope/climbing gear to climb.
Return Las Marias *I decided to return a day earlier as we made pretty good time).

Day 7
Pipante to Brus Laguna
Night in Brus Laguna
There is one hotel that I am aware of and it is 450 lempiras per night. There is A/C but the generator shuts down at night so there really is no A/C.

Day 8
Brus Laguna
I attempted to fly to La Ceiba and after waiting all day for the flight I was told there was no gas and no flight.
Boat trip in Laguna.

Day 9
Collectivo to Batalla at 430am
El Peila to Tocoa from Batalla
Bus to La Ceiba
Night in Parthenon Hotel

Day 10
Visit Cayes Los Cochinas -I organized a day trip here from my hotel and was picked up at my hotel. Night in Parthenon Hotel

Day 11
To San Diego

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