Venturing Deep Into the Amazonian Wilderness of Guyana Up the Rewa River In Search of Anacondas and All other Jungle Creatures

Guyana Travel Itinerary March 2016


Day 1
Depart SAN
Arrive Trinidad, Port of Spain

Day 2
Arrive Georgetown, Guyana@0720am.
Domestic flight to letham
Bus to Annai
Sleep at Annie’s shop in Aranaputa village or red house next to main road.

Day 3
Motorbike taxi to Rewa
Hammock accommodation in Rewa Village

Day 4
Begin trip up Rewa River
Camp in hammock in jungle

Day 5
Explore Rewa River for anacondas, and other wildlife, piranha fishing
Camp in hammock in jungle

Day 6
Return to Rewa Village
Visit Rewa Village
Motorbike to Annai
Pick up bus in Annai and travel by bus overnight to Sarama Junction.
Sleep in hammock camp in Sarama Junction.

Day 7
Bus to Georgetown
Hotel Georgetown

Day 8
Fly to Keteur Falls for day
Hotel Georgetown

Day 9
Depart Georgetown, Guyana