Côte d'Ivoire

Tracking Chimpanzees in Tai National Park-the Largest Rainforest Left Standing in Côte D’Ivoire

Côte D’Ivoire Travel Itinerary November 2019


Day 1

Arrive Abidjan via Accra, transfer to San Pedro via Coite Di Voir Airlines. Stay in hotel on the beach in San Pedro.

Day 2

Depart by vehicle 8 hour drive to Djirotou on terrible roads to Tai National Park (stuck in mud). Travel 1 hour by boat up a river into the Tai National Park and lastly hike 1 hour into the jungle. Camp in tent.

Day 3

Hike in jungle, observe wild chimpanzees. Return to Djirotou by hiking and boat downriver. 8 hour return journey by vehicle to San Pedro (our vehicle breaks down and we hitchhike). Hotel on beach in San Pedro.

Day 4

Day in San Pedro. evening flight to Abidjan, hotel in Abidjan.

Day 5

Hire taxi to visit Grand Bassam (French colonial beach village). Depart to Conakry, Guinea.

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