Searching for the Man Eating Tigers of the Sundarbans, the Worlds Largest Mangrove Forest, and Meeting the Amazing Cultures that Live with Them and Eke Out an Existence in This Wild Place


Bangladesh Travel Itinerary November 2005


Day 1

Taxi from Calcutta to Bangladesh border (Benapole) and take train to Khulna
Night in Khulna hotel

Day 2

Travel by small boat capacity of 3-4 PAX to Mongla.
Visit Sunderbans villages,travel to Kotka forest ranger station
Explore forest
Sleep in Sunderbans National park in boat

Day 3

Explore Sunderbans
Overnight stay in tiger watch tower
overnight stay on the watch tower.

Day 4

Explore Sunderbans
Travel by motor boat back to Khulna and by car back to border (Benapole) to Calcutta.

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