Spending Easter in the World’s First Christian Nation. With It’s Mountains, Rich History, Old Villages and Churches, Friendly People, I Found Armenia to be One of My Favorite Countries in the Caucasus Mountains 


Armenia Travel Itinerary March 2018


Day 1
Arrive Yerevan, Armenia 335am
Airport pick up Gagik Grigoryan in Mercedes 
Breakfast in Yerevan
Khor VirDrive to Goris (6 hour drive)
Visit old city of Goris (khndzoresk Old City and swinging bridge)
Hotel in Goris

Day 2
Drive from Goris to Larabackh((100$)Visit Breakaway Republic of Nagorno Karabakh (currently being fought over between Armenia and Azerbaijan))
Visit Agdam ghost town (A city of what was once 200,000 people and was destroyed by the war)
Visit ancient monastery of Sushi
Sleep in town of Sushi/Nagorno Karabakh
Homestay with family

Day 3
Return to Yerevan 7 hour drive 
Visit Orbelian Caravanserai (ancient fort from the Silk Road) via Seli Pass
Visit ancient Nirvana Monastery
Night Yerevan hotel

Day 4
Drive from Yerevan to Achltsicke, Georgia (6-7 hours)


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